How To Protect Plants Until You Can Plant Them

How To Protect Plants Until They Can Be Planted

How To Protect Your Trees Until You Can Plant Them After Receival

Always soak roots for 1-2 hours.

1.Once received, if you can not immediately plant, please open the carton and unwrap roots, and mist with water. Place back inbox and keep roots well covered. Keep your plants in the boxes in a cool 28-40 degree room (cellar, basement, storage building, or garage being some great places for thoughts to store in). They will be better cooler than warmer. When they get over 56 degrees, they will start to lose dormancy and leave out for spring. Pull plastic back from the roots and water the roots every 4-5 days. TOO MUCH WATER will cause them to rot. Do not water if the media is moist around the roots.

Another Method:

Buy some potting soil at Walmart, Lowes, or any garden center. Put the plants in a tub or and cover roots with soil. Lightly moisten when needed. In this method, the temperature doesn't matter. It will be like they are in the ground, but it's always advisable to plant asap to keep your plants from suffering shock.

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