Plant Finder

Plant Finder will help you to find the correct plant for your zone from Tn Nursery.

How and why do I need to know my planting zone? Just like you would likely never travel to Michigan in the winter without a heavy coat, it would also be wise to be informed if that gorgeous plant you covet would thrive in your geographical area.

Just enter your zip code into our website, and our system will tell you of your planting zone so that you can pick out the perfect plants that will flourish on your property. In other words, our website will quickly and efficiently guide you to choose the best plants for your area's specific climate and growing zone. We have choices of beautiful plants for every region in the country.

Plant Finder informs you of the specifics of plants in your zone.

Make Selections with a Specific Bloom Time and Bloom Color! Not all of our wide selection of plants offer blooms and blossoms. But rest assured, if you are a blossom-lover, we can let you know ahead of time when your beloved greenery will explode into full-blown color. Better yet, you can make color choices for your spectacular bloom colors when you order. Let us know where and what your plant needs and purposes are. Usage guidelines are accessible on our website.

In addition to informing you of an excellent selection for your planting zone, we can help you choose according to your other needs, such as Hedges: privacy hedges or just the perfect variety for your needs; Perennials that will come to life each spring; Annuals to supplement or for those who like a change.

Plant Finder gives the right time and zone for each plant

Best plants for ground cover, or best ivy for climbing. Shipping Season It's easy to find out if the plant you desire ships year-round or if it is a seasonal selection. We will not send you a plant that has no chance of survival in your area!

Physical Attributes and Height at Maturity Don't be that consumer who buys the cute little lizard that grows into an alligator! Our system will let you know what to expect physically from your mature plant(s), especially height and size.

Use Plant Finder to Search what is For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping