Sale Clearance Plants at garden Centers 

Plants and trees are seasonal, with each species of plant requiring planting at certain times of the year. For example, shrubs are usually planted in the late Fall or early Spring to achieve the best results in bedding in and staying healthy. As each planting season nears its end, visiting a garden center can provide gardeners of all experience levels with cheap plants of all varieties, including perennials and flowers that are about to go out of season.


 Most shrubs are sold in containers for a clearance price of at least half off the original price at most garden centers and can be transplanted throughout the year from a container to the soil. If bought after the early spring planting season, it is important to make sure each shrub is not dry or overwatered during the late Spring and Summer months. Purchasing a shrub in the clearance section of a garden center provides a plant that can be used to provide screening and helps to cool a home in the Summer months when planted close to a building.


 Some of the best bargains in clearance departments are found when purchasing perennials; this group generally lives for two or more years and can flower each year or only once. Clearance perennials, such as the Dahlia flower, over many years and in most cases live for a large number of years. These are generally better value for money than annuals, which flower and live for only a single season before they have to be replaced. A perennial must be chosen carefully as the length of the life varies by the species; another consideration when purchasing a perennial is the number of times it will bloom. Most bloom each season, but a small few flower only once before dying.


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 In most garden centers, trees are often the most common clearance item, especially fruit and flowering varieties. Most types of trees appear in the clearance section in the Spring and Summer when the planting season is generally over; most varieties of trees perform better when they are planted whilst dormant after they have lost their leaves during the Fall. If a tree is planted in a subtropical climate, there is no effective dormant season to provide the best time for planting, which allows the tree to be planted at any time of the year. If a variable can be found in the clearance department, a tree can provide years of cover if deciduous that can help with heating and cooling costs by shading a building and garden from the Sum in the Summer months. Deciduous species also shed their leaves during the Fall and allow more Sunlight to strike a building during the winter months to provide extra heating from the Sun's rays in cooler periods of weather.


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