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Berry plants are perfect additions to anyone's garden. When properly cared for, these easy to care for plants will produce juicy berries for many years. Below is some information on the berry plants that you can purchase from us.

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Blackberry Plant: Blackberry plants, which are native to the United States, grow into vines or small bushes. There are many varieties of blackberry plants, and they each produce plump, delicious berries that are sweet, sour, and anything in between. These flowers bloom in mid-spring and produce berries during the summer.

Dewberry Plant: Dewberry plants take 4-5 years to produce fruit, which ripens during spring. These plants grow into small shrubs and produce red-purple berries with seeds more significant than those of blackberries. When deciding where to place your dewberry plant, keep in mind that it will need a lot of space because these plants have large growing roots.

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Raspberry Plant: Depending on the variety, raspberry plants produce red, yellow, purple, and blackberries. The red and yellow berries are sweeter than the purple and blackberries. Raspberry plants produce berries early in the summer. These berries do not ripen after being harvested, so it is essential to pick them when they are fully ripe.

Blueberry Plant: When properly cared for, blueberry plants can produce berries for 40-50 years. Blueberry plants grow into small shrubs and provide short, sweet, indigo berries. Blueberries contain some of the highest amounts of antioxidants, which has made them extremely popular. Blueberry plants produce berries from late July to mid-August. Store-bought berries don't compare to the freshly picked berries from your homegrown plants. By growing your berries, you can enjoy them independently, or you can use them to make syrups, jellies, jams, and more!

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