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Buying Shrubs: Shop My Zone lets you select your zone before the plant from Tn Nursery.

Advantages Of Planting Shrubs (For Our Use- Package Deals)

Shrubs can be used for borders and small areas in landscaping to provide structure, interest, and character; Low-growing bushes and shrubs can be used as fillers, at the front of a border, or as the main feature in the garden. Hedges can add privacy and beauty to your backyard. With so many varieties of bushes and shrubs to choose from, you can find something to suit your space perfectly.

Shrubs: Shop My Zone includes both flowering and evergreen shrubs.

Burning Bush Shrubs

With flaming red foliage in the fall and delicate green leaves in the summer, burning bush shrubs make a bold and beautiful statement. This shrub adapts to a wide variety of soil and climate conditions, making it easy to grow, even for the novice gardener. Partial shade to full sun is best. Burning bush also creates a colorful windbreak when planted in hedgerows.

Shrubs- Shop My Zone is fantastic accents to any home garden or landscape

Privet Shrubs

Privet shrubs have dense foliage that is often pruned into privet hedges providing both privacy and classic beauty. Although they can be trimmed to the height you desire, their natural height of up to 15 feet makes them an excellent choice for creating seclusion and turning your backyard into the retreat you've always wanted. With clusters of blackberries and fragrant white flowers, they attract a variety of wildlife.

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